Military Members

I am retired Air Force Major, and Helena got to experience the military life for 10 years after we were married.  If you're wondering what I did, here's the breakdown:
- Aeronautical Engineer working in space acquisition.  If you're PCSing to Peterson, I'm probably very familiar with your job!
- B-1 Pilot.  Easily the coolest jet in the last 50 years!  
- Staff officer at the Pentagon working weapons acquisitions
- Air Liaison Officer (ALO).  Yes, I know some Army talk after over 3 years working in various units.  If you're going to Fort Carson, we know that area off base well.  
- We also know the area outside of the Academy very well, as that's close to our home...not to mention we frequent the Academy gym and commissary.

We offer a rebate to military buyers and sellers.  Our rebate beats the USAA homebuyer program, so you don't have to limit yourself to one lender if you work with us.  

For those PCSing out, we know a network of agents across the US, so if you need an agent at your new base, let us know.
Neal and Helena Eby
Neal and Helena Eby
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